To me the 2019 general election outcome was a given, Mr. President you are confident from the start up to the end you motivate us and assured us victory, and I quote “ I will win this election because of the massive turn out of people I saw during my campaign across the thirty-seven states of the Nation”. Congratulation on your victory, it has been hard for the past eight weeks, campaining from state to state, considering your age you did excellently.

From my home state, Borno, we used to love, we still love you and we will continue to love you, we consider you family as you were once a governor in our state, your intergrity has always prevails, your leadership quality is world widely recognize as excellent, since the first time you contest for presidency in 2003 to date, 2019, we voted for you five out of five with big margins, and I quote “hard work will pay off”. As security situation is concern you did well, we hope and expect the end of Boko haram soon, as for our economy it’s not good, most of us are farmers and traders with lots of investment in the rural areas, which are not easily accessible now.

The federal government scheme namely ‘Rice Anchor Borrower’ was an excellent scheme, many Nigerians farmers benefitted from it and the outcome of the scheme was superb. On the other hand in my state Borno, many farmers despite the availability of materials were not able to farm, some manage to farm in the state while some in another state. Regarding such matte,r I urge the federal government to initiate a livestock farming in Borno state.

The North-east as a whole we are expecting a lot from you Sir, the North-east development comission is yet to be seen, the railway is still in zero progress, I urge the federal government to start with the short distance train stations across North-east like other part of the country.

Eventually, I will like to congratulate you again on your victory for resuming office as president re-elect. Thank you

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