Honorable Ayodele Adeluola, House of Representatives candidate of Mushin II, contesting on the platform of the Accord Party, has claimed that some thugs working for the All Progressives Congress (APC) have been attacking and intimidating its members in Mushin constituency of Lagos.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday in Lagos, Adeluola said the attack was to dissuade the party’s supporters from participating in the presidential election.

He disclosed that one of his party members was recently attacked and beaten to pulp.

He said: “One of our members was attacked and his head was smashed with an interlock block recently. He had to be rushed to the hospital.  The matter is still pending at the Area D Police Station in Mushin.

“We are constrained to cry out as the desperation of the APC is growing as the February 16, National Assembly and presidential elections approach. In Mushin federal constituency 1 and II, the choice of the people is the Accord Party. They know they can never win a free and fair contest.”

Adeluola maintained that the thugs are warehousing weapons and arms to attack members of opposition party, especially the Accord Party in Mushin constituency, noting that they had been informed that APC members are also making plans to resort to inducing voters.

“They (APC thugs) have stockpiled arms and other dangerous objects, which they plan to use to intimidate voters. They can be caught if the concerned security agencies act swiftly. Rigging in Mushin will be costly. The people are resolved to vote out the APC incumbent incompetent representative at the lower chamber of the National Assembly. Their thugs cannot suppress the will of the people.

“We also gathered from reliable sources that where violence and intimidation fail, they plan to induce voters with ill-gotten money and compromise the integrity of the process.

“We call on the Inspector General of Police, the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, and other security agencies to provide adequate security for Mushin Local Government Area to forestall the breakdown of law and order on the day of election.

“We urge the security agencies to arrest and put in detention the known career thugs who are sympathetic to the APC in Mushin. We are sure the security operatives know them and their grandmasters and cohorts.”

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