The National Association of Kwara State Students (NAKSS) has passed a vote of no confidence in the scholarship board, and officials of the Kwara State government.

According to the association, the no-confidence vote is as a result of allegations of embezzlement of funds meant for student bursary.

A statement by Comrade AbdulQuadir Olarewaju, Publicity Secretary of NAKSS, noted that the association's position was based on an exclusive report by The Informant247 entitled: Inside NAKSS: How the Bursary is Used to Buy Personal Cars, Land and Partying'.

Noting that although the report was "too harsh", the association said it contained a lot of truth and revealed inside stories of the "dirty and shadowy deals of the scholarship board and some state government officials".

The statement read: "The scholarship board have, over the years, been entering into negotiations with key government officials to extort the students. Ordinarily, instead of the students benefitting from the N25million, they only disbursed about N7million and the remaining N18million is shared between the scholarship board, ministry of finance, SAs and other government officials.

"The office of the auditor-general should also be questioned over the alleged dirty deal as his name also tops those involved. The report was exclusive enough; the scholarship board will take a large portion, bribe the ministry of finance, SAs, auditor-general office, and take a share to the House of Assembly.

"Usually, after sharing the money meant for students, they come up with a fake list and submit to the government."

He expressed the association's commitment to take action on the report, but stated that "with the caliber of people involved, they need the support of non gvernmental associations, as well as the public".

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