Popular Nigerian musician, Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide, has come out to defend his controversial new single with Lil Kesh, 'Logo Benz'.

The song, which was released on Wednesday, has been greeted with controversy by Nigerians on social media, with many of his fans criticising the artistes for promoting criminal means of making money.

While many have called for the song to be banned, because of its explicit lyrics and references to 'blood money', a few of Olamide's fans have stuck by him, insisting there are no rules that state that the song should be taken on surface level.

Olamide also took to Twitter on Friday morning to attempt to explain the idea behind the song.

His post read: "Logo Benz is for the 3rd party to have a glimpse into the current state of youths in our society. (Runs girls x runs boys) I’m not sure if there’s anything like too much awareness, but pardon me if there is. It’s all over the news, it’s always been in movies. Don’t box musicians."

However, Olamide's defence does not seem to have done much to make a difference, as many of the respondents insist the lyrics are too explicit to be taken on a "creating awareness" level.

The cover art for the audio is an altered version of the Benz logo, with something resembling a G-string forming the 'X' sign on the Benz logo.

Some lyrics of the song read as follows:

I dey pray to Jesuu (Jesuu) ko wo wole (kowo wole o
If money no enter I go do blood money o…
I dey pray to Allah (Allah)
Kowo wole o… (Kowo wole o)
If money no enter i go do blood money o....

Commenting on his post, @esjay5 wrote: "This can only be the devil at work."

@tha_strummer wrote: "Baba forget...your fans love you and that's why we go tell you the truth.. That song no make sense. No disrespect."

@iam_fargo wrote: "To me, I just feel it depends on how people interpret the message on the song. We all see things from different points of view", to which @Donald_Official responded: "That's true, but when 95% interpret it the same way, then there's something [that] is not too cool".

@kvngtimori wrote: "What message are you passing? Imagine a 7-year-old kid, singing along "pata ni logo benz, mo fe ra benz".

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