Mr. Paul Usoro SAN is indeed a lucky guy. Otherwise, nemesis would not have caught up with him this late. Recently, Justice Agbam was removed as a judge for collecting bribe from Mr. Paul Usoro SAN and a few other senior lawyers to influence his judgments in favour of their clients. The National Judicial Council (NJC)  did not recommend the trial of Mr. Usoro for bribing the judge. Was it not the same NJC that had requested the Nigerian Bar Association to try Mr. Kunle Kalejaye for exchanging sms with a judge in an election petition tribunal? Has Mr. Joseph Nwobike SAN not been convicted for bribing a judge with less amount of money?

Instead of thanking his God (if he believes in the Almighty) Mr. Usoro SAN confidently colluded with an ICT company to manipulate the election of the Nigerian Bar Association. Thus, through electoral fraud by electronic means, he emerged as the President of the law body last July. Up till now, Mr. Usoro SAN has not challenged the serious allegations that he engaged in electoral fraud. Hence, he has been filing frivolous objections to postpone the trial of the case filed against him by a fellow contestant, Mr. Okafor SAN. The agenda of Mr. Usoro is to follow the bad precedent of Mr. A. B. Mahmoud SAN who deliberately delayed the trial of the case filed against his own fraudulent election until he completed his 2-year tenure!

No doubt, Mr. Usoro SAN  has successfully played on the intelligence of Nigerian lawyers. When he was challenged for engaging in money laundering during the NBA election Mr. Usoro dismissed the allegation. With stolen fund he campaigned with private jets all over the country and bribed corrupt lawyers to become their leader. Notwithstanding his new status, the Economic and Financial Commission continued the investigation of money laundering of the sum of N1.4 billion. Since he has no defence Mr. Usoro has decided to incite Nigerian lawyers against the EFCC. He is currently mobilising fellow corrupt lawyers to rise up against the plan of the EFCC to breach client-lawyer confidentiality.

In its reply, the EFCC has denied the porous campaign of calumny and instigation of lawyers by Mr. Usoro. EFCC has stated very clearly that Mr. Usoro never handled a case for the Akwa Ibom State government to justify the payment of N1.4 billion and that the case involved was an election petition of a governorship candidate. The six Senior Advocates hired by him have been interrogated. Knowing the criminality of the action of Mr. Usoro the senior advocates told the EFCC interrogators that they never knew that the fee to each of them was from the coffers of the Akwa Ibom state government. 

Let the 700 lawyers being assembled to defend Mr. Usoro stop blackmailing the EFCC. Let them be prepared to defend the allegations of money laundering and bribery of the Akwa state attorney-general with N65 million by Mr. Usoro. Let the gang of corrupt lawyers be reminded that the 90 SANs who were similarly assembled to defend Mr. 

 Ricky Tarfa SAN has disappeared from his defence team. That is going to be the fate that would befall Mr. Usoro very soon. 


Chuks Nwosu


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