Urgent Need for H.E. Atiku Abubakar to Intervene in PDP Crisis in Kogi

First and most importantly, let me state that I am a firm believer in this country and the hard work you have put in at bettering our nation as an incoming president. On behalf of my humble self, Kogi PDP youths, and thousands of your supporters from across the length and breadth of the country, I heartily rejoice with you and congratulate you on your emergence as the standard-bearer of our great political party at the just concluded PDP National Convention held in Rivers State.

You emerged in a transparent and open process, which is the main reason why other aspirants vowed and publicly threw their weight behind your candidature. This fact has thrown the APC into confusion as their expectation and hopes of disagreement amongst major contenders in the contentious primaries are nothing but mere imaginations. This is the time to galvanize millions of PDP supporters/members nationwide to reinforce your resolve to bring about the desired national transformation needed to turn around the fortunes of our beloved country Nigeria. The task, going forward, is to ensure victory at the polls in order to save our fatherland from the current aberration.

Sir, may I bring to your notice that Kogi PDP, which is a crucial part of the pivotal zone [North Central] that will determine the ultimate winner in this coming presidential election is in disarray. The Peoples Democratic Party in Kogi State is in fresh crisis following the imposition of candidates without the consent of major stakeholders and in the process shutting out perceived popular aspirants out of its primaries. From Kogi West Senatorial District to Kogi East [the centre of PDP’s injustice] and a few incidents in Kogi Central , the National Assembly primaries in Kogi is nothing but a farce.

I’m not in this letter stating my personal experience but rather stating what I saw as an insider witnessing these impositions with sheer arrogance, across zones that are very important in the coming electioneering in few months to come. Some respected stakeholders of the PDP and aspirants in the last primaries are already in the APC and other political parties, and these persons are crucial grass roots mobilizers who will be useful in your ambition of becoming the next elected president of Nigeria. If they have being short-changed unjustly and arrogantly, there must be a reason for them to still believe in this party again; reach out to them and bring them back to support your campaigns, they will, I know they will! 

The PDP hierarchy is giving abstract excuses as reasons not to resolve this, despite numerous outcry in the media. There have been protests and petitions but all have been ignored. Your Excellency sir, If you are to garner votes ahead of your rival in the coming presidential election, you need to settle these disputes and disagreements for the sake of the ugly consequences it can have on your votes in the state. Kogi State will not have its gubernatorial election until late 2019, which gives APC a chance of concentrating on delivering higher votes for the incumbent. Majority of these candidates who are flag bearers, have their constituencies divided as they got the mandate against popular agitation for free, fair and credible primaries – from Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu to Dekina-Bassa. As it stands, mass defection is imminent in the state as major frontline aspirants are now standard-bearers on different platforms. 

Few years ago during your ACN days, in one of my meetings with you, I asked you about your biases on the ‘Igala Nation’ and your response suggests you acted based on advice available to you. While I will not speak much about what my concerns were then, I can confirm to you that those concerns and fears are still very obtainable till date. My ‘people’ are first in all I do and I will stand by them always!

My letter calls for unity of purpose that admits no disunion and no internal backbiting but victory through harmony must be attained. 

I commit myself to this task and urge you to calm all aggrieved members and opposing factions of our great party and implore them to join you in delivering the needed votes as we set to work as members of one united winning PDP. 

One may want to ask what the leaders in Kogi are doing about the present situation, unfortunately, most prominent leaders are helpless. They seem to be undecided as to how to approach the case. They are torn between saying the truth and losing favour or to overlook the conflict and be applauded. I have interacted and consulted with many aggrieved members in Kogi East PDP and I can tell you all is not well. Kogi West is receiving the same measure of injustice though with a more mature way of reconciliation. Their prosaic stance is giving reinforcements to impunity and this spurious transitory come back of the PDP may eventually fade out. 

Going by the high population of voters from Kogi East in any given election in Kogi State, I will plead with you to critically examine this unprecedented scenario in Kogi East and make attempts to rescue PDP from dying. I therefore submit that the sole responsibility of every idealistic leader is that he must act with emotional intelligence and see possibilities in every situation where others see limitations.

Your Excellency, I hope this letter will reach you. Thank you for the hard work that you are doing.

Yours faithfully,

Comrade Johnson Musa
HORs Aspirant, DekinaBassa Federal Constituency 
Email: musajohnson2000@yahoo.com 
Tel: 08064494667

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