Engineer Markus Gundiri, a governorship aspirant in Adamawa State, has withdrawn his ambition in order to back President Muhammadu Buhari's In-law, Dr. Mahmood Halilu Ahmed, better known as Modi.

Speaking to supporters on the farm house of former SGF Babachir Lawal in Hong, Adamawa state, on Thursday, Gundiri said the move became imperative in view of the need to defeat Governor Jibirilla Bindow in the forthcoming primary election of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

"About four or five of us from this bloc have consulted extensively on ways to produce a consensus aspirant to slug it out with the incumbent Governor,” he said.

"My decision to withdraw my aspiration today and to support this dynamic aspirant (Modi) is a product of the consultations.

"But let me state here clearly that I'm not withdrawing in order to deputise for Modi as some have started sending out rumours; however, we expect that we'll get some concession, at least the honor to produce the running mate from our group.”

Earlier, Babachir Lawal, who moderated the event, hinted that the synergy would help in ending "Governor Bindow's misrule in the state" and stressed that "APC in Adamawa State will nominate all its candidates by direct primary mode".

He said: “God had shown me that we will defeat Bindow on the 29th of September.”

He described the struggle to wrest power from Bindow as a contest between Buhari's camp and Atiku's camp.

“Make no mistake, Bindow is working for Atiku while ours is to protect Buhari's votes in 2019,” he said

Modi, who was visibly elated, said he was challenging Governor Bindow for the APC ticket in order to restore the lost glory of the party in the state.

"Today, our state has become dysfunctional due to maladministration, and you'll all agree that this is an infraction on the ideals our party represents,” Modi said.

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