For the fourth day running, the Twitter account of Ahmed Salkida, the Nigerian journalist with the deepest knowledge of the workings of Boko Haram, has been locked.

Expressing his frustration with the development, Salkida said he received a message from Twitter on Friday that his account had been compromised and he had since been unable to access it.

“On Friday, the 8th of June at about 9pm I received the next message from Twitter - "Your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter. We've locked your account @A_Salkida to keep it safe. In order to log back in, you must change your password.

"I changed password several times and sent more than 10 emails in addition to others, reaching out to Twitter; no word till date on why I cannot access my account.”

The journalist revealed that the lockdown  of his account came few hours after he received an exclusive report. He also added that he had always been targeted because of his reports.

Salkida reiterated that Twitter is his most important tool as an independent journalist.

“My tweets have not only made local and international news headlines, but have also brought some deep understanding of the human calamity issues in the Lake Chad,” he stated. “I hope Twitter will not deny me the only media platform to escalate awareness of the grave issues in my community, such as poverty, climate change and terrorism.”

In his last tweets on June 8, Salkida chastised the Federal Government for falsely raising the hopes of parents of some Chibok girls who had died in captivity. Instead, he argued that the Chibok girls' parents should be told the truth on the death of their daughters and helped to deal with it.

"There is nothing more demeaning like false hope, there is nothing more important, like closure, as bitter as it may be. A few are lucky, their kids survived, they need our support. Those who lost theirs, also deserve our respect and respect is helping parents confront the truth," he said in one of the tweets.

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