Ibrahim Kpotun Idris

Nigeria Police authorities said Inspector General of Police, Mr. Ibrahim Idris, was invited by the Senate over alleged maltreatment of Senator Dino Melaye, and not to discuss strategies for tackling killings going on in different parts of the country as the upper chamber of the National Assembly has been saying.

Indeed, the Police described the Senate’s claim that the invitations which the police chief repeatedly refused to honor were over the killings going on in different parts of the country as an ‘afterthought’ in a series of tweets via its official Twitter handle @policeNG on Monday.

Police back up its claim with the scanned copy of the two letters of invitation sent to the IGP by the Senate.    

It added that the emphasis on security matters in the invitation letters was “diversionary to attract undeserved public sympathy in the Senate’s desperate bid to trivialize and water down the crime and criminal liabilities for which Senator Dino Melaye is standing trial.”

The Senate, in the series of tweets, also pointed out that the IGP had appeared before the Senate 10 times since he assumed office in 2016.

The police in further tweets, also said the security strategies being adopted by to tackle the killings going on in the country should not be a matter for discussion on national television.

"The recent claim by the Senate that the reason for inviting the IGP is to brief them on the recent killings in some part of the Country is an afterthought which can be seen from the headings of their invitation letters," the tweet read.

“The Nigeria Police Force as a law-abiding entity will continue to uphold the rule of law in all its ramifications and also ensure that nobody under any guise, no matter how highly placed is allowed to pervert the course of Justice.”

The Police also implored the senate not to whip-up sentiment or resort to self-help but to allow the rule of law and justice to prevail on the matter of Senator Melaye.

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