Nigeria’s vice president, Prof Yomi Osinbajo, said the federal government is in support of restructuring of the country, especially, in the area of granting the states more control over their resources and the policing system.

In a chat with some journalists on Monday, the Vice President said states should have full control of their various resources and use them to develop their states.

He said, "People feel a lot more secure when they can control to a reasonable extent, their own security, and we think that State Policing is one of those ideas that will help a great deal in giving confidence to the local populace in various parts of the country.” Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo

He continued “On restructuring, one of the point that was made clear and that I agree with is that state should be allowed to control their resources and I strongly believed that state police is one of those things.

“Also, states have to generate more income, they have to pursue taxes and make sure taxes are paid. We have to look at all the ways at which the internally generated resources can be sustained. We also have to look at ways through which the states can exercise more freedom.”

Osinbajo’s support for state police is coming just three days after a former commissioner of police, Mr. Emmanuel Ojukwu said that the Nigerian police force is the least paid in Africa during an interview on Sunrise, a Channels Television breakfast program.

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