Mr. Johann Schneider-Ammann, the visiting Swiss Confederation’s Minister of Economy, Education, and Research has said Swiss companies had so far created about 10,000 job opportunities in Nigeria.

He spoke at a reception organized by the Consulate General of Switzerland in Lagos for him and his Economic and Political delegation to Nigeria.

 The Minister said his delegation will further explore new areas of economic cooperation between Nigeria and Switzerland, as more Swiss companies were becoming interested in Nigeria.

He said “We currently have about 50 different Swiss companies operating in Nigeria, mainly in Lagos, which have provided about 10,000 job opportunities to Nigerians. The important side of my delegation highlights the interest that Nigeria is currently getting from Swiss companies.”

“There are also new companies on this delegation that have come to see the business and investment opportunities for them in Nigeria.’’

Mr.  Johann pointed out that his delegation was made up of grand officials, members of parliament from the different Swiss political parties, scientists, representatives of different Swiss companies.

He was optimistic that the successes enjoyed by the Swiss companies in Nigeria will also be felt by the new companies when they invest in the country. Johann Schneider-Ammann

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