Reacting to the incessant killing by Fulani herdsmen across the country, Comrade Mohammed Kudu Abubakar, Deputy National President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum maintained that President Muhammadu Buhari should immediately pronounce herdsmen as a terrorist organization.

Comrade Abubakar expressed his disgust at how President Buhari has kept silent for long over the killings by herdsmen despite calls from all corners demanding that the President take proactive actions in curbing the excesses of Fulani herdsmen.

Condemning the various killings by herdsmen, Comrade Abubakar said that herdsmen should be seen as a terrorist group because they have been killing for long and should be dealt with in line with the law of the country.

“A criminal is a criminal; they are terrorists and have to be dealt with regardless of their tribe. The President should follow the constitution and deal with them accordingly. The killing is very criminal and the herdsmen should not go unpunished.” The Deputy President of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum said.

Northern Group Insists President Buhari Must Declare Fulani Herdsmen As Terrorist Group Northern Group Insists President Buhari Must Declare Fulani Herdsmen As Terrorist Group

He also demanded that a committee be set up to investigate how herdsmen evolved from nomads into gun-wielding cattle rearers.

He said, “Federal government has to constitute a panel to investigate who these herdsmen are and why they behave the way they do. We need to ask where they get the guns they used in the killing and where they learnt how to shoot guns.”

Commenting on the Anti-Open Grazing Bill (currently in practice in only Ekiti and Benue state) which Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association strongly opposed, Comrade Abubakar upheld that each state has the right to pass a law that will guide the state and herdsmen should either abide by this law or leave the state.

“If Benue state comes out with law through its State House of Assembly and bars movement of Fulani herdsmen, they have the right to do so. It is their State, that is how they want to stay and there is nothing wrong in that. They (herdsmen) should move away from the State rather than forcing themselves and be causing trouble because a lot of lives are going down.” He opined.

He then beckoned on the military to begin a raid to fish out and prosecute herdsmen who go around with guns to prevent further loss of lives and properties.

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