The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), a political party in Nigeria, has requested from the Independent National Electoral Committee (INEC) its certificate of registration to enable the party to participate in elections and engage in other political activities.

Addressing the press, the Deputy National Chairperson of SPN, Abiodun Bamigboye, revealed that the party had met all conditions required by INEC and also paid a sum of N1,000,000, which was imposed on the party by INEC.

He lamented that despite fulfilling all conditions, the electoral body failed to register the party. This prompted the party to take legal action to enforce its registration.

After emerging victorious in a suit the party filed against INEC in a Federal High Court in Abuja, the party is demanding that INEC obeys a court order by registering SPN as a political party in the country and issuing it a certificate of registration.

“We hereby call on INEC to issue SPN its certificate without delay so that concrete party work, including mobilizing the mass of the people towards a genuine working-class oriented transformation of Nigeria, can begin in earnest,” Mr. Bamigboye said.

The Deputy National Chairperson of SPN expressed his grief at how long it took the court before delivering judgment on the case, citing the delay tactics employed by INEC to frustrate the court proceedings. He also faulted the systematic process of the Nigerian judicial system and demanded that a more democratic and judicial system be put in place to defend the majority.

Furthermore, SPN blamed INEC for wasting the party’s time by delaying its certification, adding that the party is prepared to contest in elections.

“INEC has already wasted enough time; it should not further serve as a clog in the wheel. We are equally poised to play a role in forthcoming elections both in the state and 2019 general elections as a credible political alternative,” SPN posited

Daggar Tolar, a member of the party, said the two major parties in Nigeria - the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) - do not represent the interests of the majority of Nigerians, especially the working poor.

He stated that it is therefore high time for a new party to emerge and exemplify what true leadership means for Nigeria.

“Both APC and PDP have no strategy and ambition other than siphoning funds meant for bettering the lives of the masses. Nigerians do not have to choose between these two parties any longer; we need a party that will prioritize the welfare of the people, especially working poor,” Mr. Tolar said.

The National Secretary of the party, Chinedu Bosah, maintained that the party is committed to implementing a living wage and pension, reducing the bloated salaries and allowances being collected by top political officers, and constructing basic infrastructure, among other projects that would benefit the people.

“SPN is committed to reducing jumbo salaries and allowances of top political office holders and top bureaucrats and implementing a living wage and pension in line with the inflationary rate,” Mr. Bosah explained.

“Our party also stands for the protection of democratic rights of all minority groups and will fight corruption in favor of open, transparent governance.”

The party maintained that it is expecting the certificate within 30 days as ordered by the court, and a failure to fulfill this obligation would lead to civil action against INEC.

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN)

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