Former Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, caused an uproar on social media this past Tuesday, October 3 when she accused singer, Davido of using his car to drive his friend Tagbo Umeike, to a general hospital and abandoning him there, where he later died. 

See her post accusing Davido below.

Caroline Danjuma accuses Davido of having a hand in Tagbo Umeike's Death

However, after critically examining the situation,  fans and followers of Davido are not buying her story.

Going by the reactions to the post, she deleted almost all of them immediately.

Fans are saying that she should have kept her relationship with the deceased confidential, rather than giving false information and misleading the public.

One of the points raised was the fact that the actress is yet to clearly state her relationship with Mr. Umeike and why she is aggressively fighting the case.

She posted on her Instagram page: 
“If only all this ill names could bring you back, I am ready to be called all sorts. They only label you because they never knew you. I could take a bullet for you because you were selfless; never looked down on no one. Playful and you knew your limits; you were never boastful nor excessive, you never drank past five shots of tequila even if you tried."

“All you lived for, all you hoped for and couldn’t wait to achieve on your birthday is over. You always had something nice to say to me; constantly encouraging me and looking out for me”.

Responding, an Instagram user, Bigbadsabira wrote: “Sis, I don’t think we need to hear your prayers, it’s God you’re praying to not Instagram + if you are not going to tell us the whole story biko don't give us work trying to figure out what’s going on.”

Another user, Michelleakede wrote: “She deleted the post after such a strong allegation…. you don’t just post things and delete… she just accused someone of murder and deleted the post.”

_lastking07, wrote: “I don’t understand they took him to general hospital…so what should Davido and his crew have done?…be the doctor to treat him? Cause I don’t understand what this ignorant woman is saying …does Davido look like a doctor….or his him that send him to drink more than he can take….Don’t drink they won’t hear.”

Danjuma later deleted the posts, but you can read them below.  

Danjuma's Post To Tagbo     Danjuma's Post To Tagbo


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