Residents of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) expressed surprise by the rise of cross-dressed men across the country.  

Cross-dressers are people who wear clothing of the opposite sex. In this case, in Nigeria, it is popular among some men to dress as women.

It is reported that the law has now caught up with some cross-dressing young men who have allegedly defrauded wealthy men in Lagos, Zamfara, Abuja, and Rivers presenting themselves as women.

Cross-dressing is now considered a method of scamming as some of the men that dress like women dupe rich men that they meet at bars and hotels.  The trend is now being accepted and continues to grow amongst Nigerians.

Some of the residents said that it is astonishing how young Nigerians seem to be more accepting to the idea of cross-dressing.

Social media has also catapulted the idea of cross-dressing. TV personality, Denrele Edun, remains a controversial figure because of his cross-dressing fashion.

Denrele's sense of fashion looks very feminine as he is known for wearing makeup, women's hairstyles, high heel shoes, and more.

Nigerians criticized him for his fashion sense,  but times have changed as many people are now supportive of him and have acknowledged him for inspiring more men to cross-dress.

Nigerian social media personalities are becoming increasingly popular for cross-dressing. The most popular cross-dresser is none other than Bobrisky.  Bobrisky, also known as Okuneye Idris, has become an international sensation amongst Africans. 

Bobrisky became a social media celebrity by not only acting and dressing as a woman, but also proudly showing off his bleached skin. His ability to create shock value on his Snapchat from dancing in a sexually, suggestive manner to brandishing his millions of Naira and expensive lifestyle, has now made him a household name in the African community. 

Bobrisky now takes world tours and travels to different countries for club appearances, and gets paid dollars or pounds by his international African fans to take pictures with them. 

Some people find it appalling that these cross-dressers are not only acquiring wealth and fame, but are also linked to politicians. It is also feared that the social acceptance of cross-dressing with lead to the legalization of same-sex marriage in Nigeria. 

Some Nigerians hope that the youth will grow out of the trend, and will start making more responsible decisions that come with maturity.


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