Adewale Adeoye, the Executive Director of Journalists for Democratic Rights (JODER), has labeled President Buhari’s fight against corruption as an election slogan, saying that his administration has used the anti-corruption campaign to gain public sympathy.

“The fight against corruption has become a cliche and an electoral slogan to whip up public support and give the impression that the government is doing something,” Mr. Adeoye said. “But in reality, what you see every day shows that nothing fundamental has changed.”

“This government is really not interested in fighting corruption from its root but using the fight against corruption as a slogan to deceive and delude the people, and two years into the government, it is clear now that nothing really has changed,” Mr. Adeoye added.

The Executive Director expressed discouragement in the system and lamented how nothing is being done to change the situation of the country.

“When you walk or drive on the street, you still see police collecting money from people. The most graphic image that shows corruption is still inherent in the country is when you come to a national airport when officials ask travelers for money,” he said.

Mr. Adeoye  also beckoned the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to pay a visit to places where life-threatening incidents occur as a way of emulating leaders of other countries. He opined that neglecting the victims of unfavorable happenings will encourage wrongdoers and criminals to further terrorize Nigerians.

“What is happening in Ikorodu is mind-boggling. Has the IGP visited Ikorodu for once to boost the morale of community dwellers? When this kind of thing happens and nobody cares, you can imagine that you are going to embolden the crime perpetrators,” Mr. Adeoye said.

PHOTONEWS: JODER Executive Director Calls Buhari's Anti-Corruption War 'Electoral Slogan'

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