Who makes the best jollof rice? That is a question that often causes controversy among people of West Africa. Nigerians, Ghanaians, Senegalese and Cameroonians often claim that the best jollof rice is one of the staple food items best made in their country.
In fact, the topic was the subject of heated debate recently between Nigeria and Ghana.
But yesterday, the Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed may have settled the debate.
When CNN correspondent Richards Quest who has been on a visit to Nigeria in the last one week asked the minister who made the “truest” and “best” jollof rice. The minister answered: “I would probably say, Senegal!”.

Traitor? Lai Mohammed Betrayed Nigerians Over Jollof Rice Lai Mohammed gives jollof rice prize to Senegal

Since the interview has been broadcast, many Nigerians have not spared him for missing the opportunity to promote Nigerian jollof rice on the global TV network.
Though Quest has made attempt to defend Mr. Mohammed, saying the minister did not hear his answer correctly.
 “The Minister heard my question as being where did jollof rice originate which is why he said Senegal,” Mr. Quest said on CNN.
But Nigerians are not persuaded by his defense. As at the time publication, over 13000 twitter account holders have used the '#Senegal' to register  their displesaure at the minister's comment.

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