The  Ekiti State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to order  an investigation into the weighty bribery allegations made against Mr. Rotimi Amaechi,  Minister of Transportation,  by Justices Sylvester Agwata and Nyang Okoro. The two judges alleged that Mr. Amaechi approached them to plead that they should ensure that judgements went against GovernorsAyo Fayose of Ekiti State and Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom State in suits challenging their  elections at the  Supreme Court.                               

The PDP made the call in a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary in The state, Mr. Jackson Adebayo.

In the statement, the party stressed that it is imperative for the President to order an immediate investigation because the judiciary is currently being probed and that the investigation of the Minister of Transportation will help in determining the culpability of individuals who might have been involved.

"President Buhari should be courageous enough look into allegations against his men if he wants Nigerians to change their opinions that his fight against corruption is selective and vindictive," said the statement.

The  PDP called on the National Judicial Council (NJC) issue a statement affirming or denying whether the judges reported to its Chairman, as they claimed, each time  Mr.  Amaechi made overtures to bribe them.
According to the PDP, the allegations cannot be ignored, not only because what Amaechi aimed to achieve was to dislodge the PDP governors in Ekiti, Rivers, and the Akwa Ibom States but because of the to give credibility to the anti-corruption war of the Federal Government.
"We are not on the side of any judge found wanting in the dispensation of his job, but whoever is accused therein should also be brought to book because what is good for goose is also good for gander. In view of this, the minister that has been accused should also face trial like the judges," insisted the party.

It warned that failure to probe Mr. Amaechi would vindicate those who made the allegations against him.

The PDP noted that the statements coming from All Progressives Congress (APC) after the revelations of the pressure from Mr. Amaechi to overturn the the elections of Fayose and other PDP governors have  indicted him in the minds of Nigerians, hence the need to probe the matter to ascertain his involvement.

"We can not pretend to be comfortable with the unwieldy selections of who to place on trial on the same matters by the Federal government because it is an aggression against democracy and the rule of law," the party concluded.

Rotimi Amaechi

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