Soldiers have complained about their salaries and how GOC of their command is slashing their salary for personal use, they said this is weakening their morale in the fight against insurgency in Northeastern Nigeria,

The soldiers all complained that out of the salary the are meant to be given every month, the military authorities have forced them to agree to a compulsory N10,000 feeding program. Sadly, the food they are bringing to them is in no way better than the food they serve prisoners. 

"Our salary is just N30,000 per month. That is to say; we are working for N1000 per day. What they do is they send N20,000 into our accounts, while they will promise to give N10,000 cash because some places banks are not operating. They don't normally give us the remaining N10,000 till another month."

" Since my transfer to this place, I have never been given any break." They sometimes give us 10 or 12 days break out of which we traveled back home and see our families.'

"We are using our own money to buy drugs, uniforms and other things needed for our upkeep."

The also frowned at the way members of the national assembly and politicians are enjoying themselves in Abuja without working for the country.

Moreover, they also accused military authorities of partying around with women while they are made to face danger. 

"Some of our colleagues that retired recently after 35 years of service, only received 2 million as their gratuity."

Not only those that are serving in the Northeast, our colleagues in Sudan have informed us that it is 8 months since they were paid their last salary.

"There is no any significant change between the past administration and the this Buhari's government with regards to our welfare. The only difference is that those at the war front have received new weapons for their operations. "

(The voice has been distorted in order to hide the identity of the soldiers).

Army salary alert Screenshot of Mobile phone electronic alert for some soldiers


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