Two men who viciously attacked a woman in Onitsha for cautioning them not to smoke near inflammable products have been granted bail by a magistrate court.

The men, Emeka Ngejieme and Chiemela Anosike, were arrested after they attacked Ifeoma Okeke with bottles and inflicted several head cuts on the woman with bottles.  She had cautioned that their smoking activities always left risky embers from remnants of smoked substance near gasoline products in the kitchen of their building, risking an explosion. 

Emeka, a neighbor in the same premises at 20 Omeagana Street, Odoakpu in Onitsha is alleged to be a secret cult member who often smoked marijuana in the premises with Chiemela.  Relatives of Ms. Okeke said the gang always hid near their kitchen window to smoke, and that they had severally warned them about possible explosions due to the presence of gasoline products in and around the area.

That warning was met with the severe attack on the victim.

GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Woman Attacked By Neighbors After She Complained About Their Weed Smoking Men Viciously Beat Woman for complaining about their weed smoking habits

"Everyone fled, thinking she was dead until the police came to rescue her and took her to the hospital", Ms. Okeke’s sister, Amaka said.

She said the family indicated it would press charges of attempted murder, only for a magistrate, Chioma Amuluche, to immediately grant bail to the assailants.

"They returned and began to boast around. They have now threatened to terrorize us more and we can't stay at home anymore", Amaka said.

She added that the police also dismissed them even though they reported further threats by the alleged cult men.

One of Amaka's attackers

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