David Ogungbele, who is suspected to have killed his girlfriend in Kwara State when she rebuffed his proposal of marriage, has been arrested in Osun State.

He was caught on Saturday morning in Oba-Ile, near Ikirun in Osun State and was arrested by officers of the Criminal Investigation Department which was on the manhunt for him following a tip that he was hiding in the area.

The officers were earlier said to have visited David’s parents on Friday night, but David escaped upon sighting them.  He refused to answer various calls to his phone to surrender, after which the officers warned him they would have his family arrested. 

David, scared, then surrendered to the policemen and was taken back to Kwara State upon confessing to the crime.

The source said it was later learned the officers had been in the vicinity of the home in Osun since Friday evening trying to locate the specific address.   

David’s dead girlfriend, Oluwatosin Ashiwo, was on the staff of MTN in Ilorin.  Her mother, who was also stabbed by the suspect during the incident, is still in hospital receiving treatment for her injuries. 


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