The military officials heading Operation PULO SHIELD have arrested those responsible for the multiple attacks on oil pipelines and installations in the Niger Delta region, according to a press release issued by the Operation’s Spokesman, Colonel Isa Ado.

Members Of Operation PULO SHIELD

Militants recently attacked and vandalized several oil and gas pipelines across the Niger Delta including pipelines owned by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and AGIP.

Colonel Ado noted that the suspects were currently undergoing a preliminary investigation in order to ascertain the degree of their involvement in the attacks before they are handed over to the prosecution agencies.

He attributed the success of the arrests to the intensifying of patrols and efforts to cordon off and search waterways, creeks, and riverine communities.

Colonel Ado noted that the Commander of Operation PULO SHIELD, Major General Alani Gafar Okunlola was determined to stop all illegal activities in the Niger Delta region. Major General Okunlola also called upon the locals to provide any information they possessed about these illegal acts.

“The Commander [Major General Okunlola] also assured the people of Niger Delta of the Operation’s determination to wipe out all acts of illegalities in the region and also called on them to give useful information that will aid the Joint Force in its operations in line with its mandate in the Niger Delta.

“He further warned the perpetrators of crime to desist from further destruction of oil facilities or be ready to face the wrath of the law,” Colonel Ado stated.

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