SaharaReporters learned that student protests erupted at Akwa Ibom State University over the “oppressive” management by school administrators.  Students targeted the new Vice-Chancellor in particular, citing his decision to reimpose strict fee payment schedules as a major grievance. Protesters have stated that the new Vice-Chancellor, who began this year, has instituted strict policies harming students. Protesters have stated to other media that their student leader tasked with negotiating concerns with management has been threatened by university administration and has been unreachable.

PHOTONEWS: Peaceful Student Protests Rock Akwa Ibom State University Over ‘Oppressive Administration’

Citizen reporters told a SaharaReporters correspondent through message that the protests were sparked by the inability of many students to meet the fee payment schedules of the university.

University staff members are currently trying to persuade students to end the protest.  However, the students have thus far refused.

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