The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Paris, France which has left at least 128 people killed, according to media reports. Security experts and reporters have said that information began leaking to social media and internet sites linked to ISIS that leadership within the terror group claimed responsibility.

Paris Terrorist Attack

A coordinated terrorist attack targeted six separate locations during the early evening hours in Paris. Security experts are describing the targets as "soft" because of the lack of police presence at them and the high concentration of civilians. The attack included at least two suicide bombers and at least five gunmen, according to CNN reports.

The suicide bombers targeted Stade de France, the football stadium just outside of Paris, where a match attended by French President Francois Holland was being played. Eyewitnesses say that the explosions took place outside the stadium gates, killing far fewer people than had the bombers entered the stadium.

The most deadly site was the Bataclan theater where at least 80 people were killed during a concert. Media reports have said that the injured from yesterday’s attack is in excess of 300 people, with nearly 100 in critical condition.

President Hollande condemned the attack as "an act of war" and promised retaliation against the perpetrators. He also declared a 3 day national mourning period and banned protests and most commercial activity in Paris.

The Parisian police and military are said to be on the highest alert fearing that Friday’s attack is a trigger for other sleeper cell terrorist groups in France to carry out similar attacks,

The Paris attacks come one day after news broke that notorious ISIS leader known as "Jihad Johnny," most known for ISIS beheading videos, was targeted and likely killed by a US drone strike.

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