Rwandan President, Paul Kagame

The current Rwandan President, Paul Kagame, is being backed by the country's ruling Party to lead the country in a third term of office. However, this would require the Rwandan Parliament to amend the constitution allowing for more than two terms as President.

Though the presidential protocol is a two-term limit, the ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) is bending to President Kagame’s wishes to extend the constitutionally mandated term limits.

The RPF Party released a statement that pushes for constitutional change. This statement was dispersed after 600 high-level members had a two-day retreat in Kigali, the capital.

"Based on the wishes of Rwandans and Party officials members have recently expressed, we support that the [constitution]... should be amended."

Apparently, 3.6 million people signed a petition that requested Parliament to alter the constitution so that Kagame could run.

Some reports have suggested that a majority of the people who signed the petition did so only because of stressful times.

The suggestion of unwilling signatures is adjacent to Kagame's critics saying that Kagma, as the current President, has utter disregard for political freedoms and should not be elected for a third term.

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