A witness in Orile observed two police officer with the Orile Police Station apprehend two armed robbers on May 15th, with “uncharacteristic courage.”

A source told Sahara Reporters that three robbers were seen stalking a businessman on a public bus headed for the Trade Fair Complex.

“One of the three robbers had gone on the bus with this unnamed businessman, while the other two followed closely on a motorbike,” this same source said.

As the bus reached Orile Bus stop, two officers who were on traffic detail, flagged the motorbike down.

As the bike motorist tried to ignore the officer’s command, the officer “speedily grabbed the steering bars, and wrested control from the motorbike driver.”

The motorbike passenger then, according to reports, grabbed an AK-47 rifle from inside the bag to take aim at the police officer as “a life-threatening struggle ensued.”

The second officer, observing this dangerous scene, grabbed at the rifle and “lodged his finger behind the trigger, preventing it from shooting the gun.”

This provided an opportunity for the first officer to tackle the men off the motorbike and arrest them.

The eyewitness told the SaharaReporters correspondent that the two remaining robbers were apprehended soon thereafter, before they could do any public harm.

Both these two officers carried out their duty without being  armed with their own weapons.

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