Creflo Dollar - Official Fundraising Video for $65 Million Dollar Private Jet Creflo Dollar - Official Fundraising Video for $65 Million Dollar Private Jet

  US-based prosperity preacher Creflo Dollar caught the ire of Christians around the world this past week when he put up a request asking his congregants and supporters around the world to buy him a luxury Gulfstream 650 jet.

Mr. Dollar had uploaded 6-minute video on the website of his church, World Changers Church International asking “200,000 people committed to sow $300 or more help achieve our goal to purchase the G650 airplane.”

But the reaction and backlash from people around the world was immediate, therefore forcing Mr. Dollar to shut down the fundraising platform a few hours after he uploaded his video.

It is not clear how much had been generated for Dollar’s jet purchase before he permanently shut down the fundraising effort. 

While Mr. Dollar shut down the fundraiser, many did not know that the  fundraising video featured Liberian President Sirleaf Johnson, the president of one of the West African nations recently  ravaged by the Ebola virus. While Dollar faced outrage for asking his parishioners and admirers to purchase him a jet, the shameful involvement of President Johnson did not catch the attention of critics, because Dollar took down the video pretty quickly as he faced condemnation around the world.

We found the video on Youtube, here is Ms. Sirleaf doing a dirty job for Creflo Dollar's luxury jet buy. 


$65 million dollar could wipe off Ebola from Liberia. Creflo Dollar in Liberia meeting Pres. Sirleaf johnson

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