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Are all our leaders corrupt?

In a country where people believe in religion and country that control large number of Muslim and Christian leaders in the world. Is Nigeria truly corrupt? YES. Corruption is about dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery and also can be described as the process by which a word or expression is changed from its original state to one regarded as erroneous or debased. a double-dealing, fraud, fraudulence, misconduct etc. when you look at the country today it is unfortunate that most of our so call leaders are not free from so called corrupting act as defined by the dictionary and the western world.

It is our belief that the ambition of all our politician is either to enrich themselves, to remain relevant or influential, to dodge under the immunity to avoid prosecution or extradition from the country but not all of them, some of the politicians genuinely have interest of the masses before going into politics but immediately they are into the system they get corrupt since all our systems are built on corruption.

Although corruption cannot be eradicated but must be dealt with immediately without been condole by the people in power but it is unfortunate today that all our system is built on corruption for the purpose of one reason or the other e.g. to protect their interest or to remain relevant in power or politics. Nigeria is a country where ex-convict become a dictator in politics, a country where someone will have criminal case in court without been cleared can contest for election and win, a country were drug baron can be given a ticket to contest election, a country where ex-Governor become an empire of wealth, a country where legal system is controlled by the cabal, a country where security agent are used as a witch-hunt of other political opponent, a country where rich people find their way and poor find their grave, a country where other children are used as a political thug but their children are studying abroad. If we agree that all our leaders are corrupt, can we ever grow as a nation is there any future for our children, can this corruption be eradicated?

Why is it difficult to govern our nation?

A nation can be classified as a company in term of leadership, management and administrative system; they are only differing in labour force, finance and management style. If Wal-Mart were a country, its revenues would make it on par with the GDP of the 25th largest economy in the world by, surpassing 157 smaller countries. 

For instance, there are 25 major American corporations whose 2010 revenues surpass the 2010 Gross Domestic Product of entire countries, often with a few billion to spare. Even some major countries like Norway, Thailand, and New Zealand can be bested by certain U.S. firms. In Nigeria today we can use Dangote group as an example of a company that is run and managed by Nigerians. But why is it difficult for Nigerians to successfully manage their country that is blessed with natural resources, human capital and talented individuals.

It is disappointing today to see Nigeria as a country that all their wealth, power, good education and politics belong to group of people for example the collective wealth of Nigerians on the rich list compiled by Ventures Africa, a business magazine that “champions African capitalism”, stands at $77.7bn (£49bn), more than double that of South Africans and almost as much as the rest of the continent’s billionaires combined. But if we have so many wealthy people in our country, what is the implication of all this money in economic development, job creation, security, healthcare and support to education? But our own billionaires only focus on buying flash cars and jet for themselves and their children, looting the country treasury through oil subsidy meant for the poor citizen, evade taxes and enrich themselves through the oil bloc and keeping looted treasury for the politician among others.

Our billionaires add no value to our nation instead they only create an NGO with multimillion of Naira for their selfish interest which ordinary citizen will never benefit from.  The only value they add to the citizen is to distribute bags of rice, kerosene, bags of Gari, semo and yam flour.

Why is 2015 very important?

There is a lot going on in the country today due to power tussle and change in government. But when you are talking about election it seems Nigeria citizen need to be orientated about voting and their power and implication of decision they make when talking about choosing their preferred candidate. To me it is very difficult to agree with any political party and to support any candidate based on their manifesto since there is no system in place to accommodate what they are intended to do.

Perhaps in Nigeria today every individual in key position in politics are selected by either political father or party leaders for one reason or the other, although in a situation where we have good system in place there is nothing wrong from selecting a candidate by some group of people but since we all agree that all our systems and leaders are corrupt how can this process achieve set target by the individual selected.

The best way our new or existing government in May 2015 can impact on the history of the country is to fight the system in the country not corruption because it would take more than four years to fight corruption in Nigeria even if the government only focus on corruption for its entire life (for that reason – the government must declare if possible a state of emergency in all government parastatals in the country, I mean full restructuring). Establishment of effective and independent legal system, which will provide equal opportunity and judgement for the citizen, The need for full restructuring of security system such as police, army, air force and navy.

If all these systems are properly restructured the other peripheral of the system will work in favour of the country.

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