Nigerian Army Captain Who Secretly Recorded Ekiti Rigging Plan Explodes Exclusive Interview with Sahara Reporters Publisher Omoyele Sowore and Capt. Koli, who leaked Ekiti State Election scandal

In an exclusive interview on SaharaTV with Sahara Media Publisher Omoyele Sowore, Capt. Sagir Koli revealed details of the meeting between his superior officer General A.A. Momoh and Peoples Democratic Party leaders in Ekiti State.

Brig. General Momoh and Capt. Koli weeks before the Ekiti Election Scandal

The meeting was arranged between the then Minister of State for Defense Musiliu Obanikoro, the PDP candidate for Ekiti governor Ayo Fayose, the then Senator of Osun State Iyiola Omisore, the Honorable National Assembly Member AbdulKareem, the current Police Affairs Minister Jelili Adesiyan, and Brig. General Momoh who collectively plotted to unlawfully manipulate the Ekiti State gubernatorial elections.

Capt. Koli described, in great detail, the seating location and dress of people in the meeting. The Minister of Police Affairs wore a pink and white Yoruba cap and Governor Fayose was wearing a blue polo shirt with red stripes. Fayose was sitting beside Obanikoro during the meeting, though Fayose was very agitated and kept storming in and out of the room. Omisore, however, sat on the floor with Capt. Koli and the remaining military officers.

Capt. Koli said that there were bags of money exchanged, but he could not identify the amount that Brig. General Momoh received.

It was also revealed that he felt that the PDP plot to rig elections in Osun State, also discussed on the audio recording, was foiled because of the information he leaked.

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