SaharaTV had an exclusive interview with Kowa presidential candidate Professor Remi Sonaiya. Professor Sonaiya is the only female candidate running for president in the 2015 elections.

Education is a major aspect to Professor Sonaiya’s campaign platforms, and she is advocating for the “revamping of the educational system” and curriculum in Nigeria. It is “important to re-train teachers themselves, so the products of our educational system are not only competitive on the global state, but that education must address our own problems [in Nigeria] and how to fix them,” Professor Sonaiya told SaharaTV’s Fungai Maboreke.

On national security and the African Union she said, “the AU effort to help Nigeria I think is a welcome development, when West Africa had these challenges we raised together ECOMOG between countries and were able to help with the conflicts in that region.” Professor Sonaiya followed up by saying that she believed that “our government is searching for all available options” to end the Boko Haram insurgency.

The Kowa party presidential candidate also promised, if she wins office, to “ask the most difficult questions, there is a lot of discontent in the land because a lot of people have been excluded…people in the south have a lot of oil but they are not happy with how they have been treated.” One question she is asking is “are we practicing a truly federal system now?” The federal state of Nigeria must be revisited, Professor Sonaiya claimed.

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