I spent nearly an hour writing a reaction to the propaganda being peddled by the government and its supporters, regarding the burning of a Goodluck Jonathan campaign bus in Jos on Saturday by angry youths. They are blaming it on Gen Buhari. The piece I wrote is in defence of the General but somehow at some point, I got tired of having to respond to lies and falsehood.

I decided to rather write a word of encouragement for all the good-hearted and courageous Nigerians who are fighting for a positive change for our dear nation. This election is in truth not about Buhari and Jonathan. It is about the truth that is trying to set us free and the evil that is desperate to retain its siege on us. Jonathan has spent six years ruling this country and all we see around is the best he can offer: poverty, corruption, bloodshed, fear, pain, visionlessness and total failure. His presidency represents a repressive system of darkness and evil that is fighting hard to protect itself. A virus does not let go of its host without fighting back. Nigerians are yearning for a positive change, for a better life, for freedom from all the ills eating us up. The yearning is being fulfilled now and it is understandable that the vicious system won't give up without a fight.

The Nigerian Presidential race will be held on February 14, 2015

I will encourage those who hope for change not to give up because of the divisive tactics of the government. Whatever they do to frame Buhari up for inciting violence, whatever they do to promote ethnic and religious division, all will fail. Tomorrow when we tell the story to generations coming ahead and other nations, we will only list them as the challenges we faced in our fight to free ourselves from the grip of tyranny.

The only tactic the government has is division and character assassination. For six years and with billions of dollars of oil money, they have failed to make a positive impact on us and have instead dragged us close to total annihilation. What achievement do they have upon which to base their quest for another four years?

We all know it is the cabal of hawks benefiting from the system that is behind Jonathan's desperation for power. They are ready to fight dirty and either have their way or destroy the entire nation. But unfortunately for them, they will lose in all their plans. Gen Buhari has nothing to gain if the country slides into war. His popularity across the country is overwhelming. This is a man who has no financial muscle to buy the media, hire praise singers or induce the electorates, all he has is a clean history of honesty, integrity and forthrightness, and the promise of good leadership and selfless service. Since the day he declared to run for presidency, his support has been almost unanimous across the country. What does he need violence to achieve? He does not need propaganda, he does not need to assassinate anyone's character because his opponents do not even have the character. He condemned the attack in Jos yesterday and reiterated his stance against violence.

We must remember the October 1 bombing in Abuja that Henry Okah confessed they (MEND) were hired to carry out and frame IBB and other Northerners, to win sympathy for Jonathan. We must remember also that before his confession, Jonathan had denied that MEND were responsible for the attack. Yet a few days ago in Lagos, the same Jonathan confessed that MEND carried out the attack and alleged that their target was to kill him! This man has had a record of framing his opponents with violence. This we must not forget. The incidence in Jos should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators should be arrested and prosecuted, whoever's supporters they are.

Let us be assured that no matter how much evil tries, it cannot prevail over the truth. Those who stand with the truth must, therefore trust it to triumph over falsehood. Come February 14, we will welcome the full birth of change and the beginning of our journey to nationhood because the truth is on the move and no falsehood can stop it. GOD BLESS NIGERIA.

Iyorngurum is an editor, poet and the secretary of the Abuja Writers' Forum. He writes from Abuja and can be reached on Twitter: @ElvisIyorngurum, and by email: elvisnigeria@yahoo.co.uk. 

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