Dr. Damages Show—Episode 160 (We All Came From Monkeys, Says Pope Francis) Dr. Damages Show—Episode 160 (We All Came From Monkeys, Says Pope Francis)

How much is the CFR (Commander of the Federal Republic) worth? The Speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives, Tambawal, finds out the hard way after he defected from the ruling PDP to the opposition APC and Tomahawk missiles came after him. Dr. Damages puts it in perspective so that you don’t have to scratch your head.

In science news, researchers at the University of Montreal find a way for men to avoid prostate cancer. It happens to be something Dr. Damages’ great grandfathers knew all along. As a trained medical professional, the good doctor explains the research in such a way that women won’t feel threatened by the new findings.

Our favorite Pope, Pope Francis, says this week that we all came from monkeys. The pontiff’s endorsement of evolution and the Big Bang theory makes Dr. Damages ask the question: if God is not a magician, as Pope Francis suggests, how come Pastor Chris Oyakhilome can give ‘it’ to his church members who want ‘it’?

The Zambian President dies and a white man takes over as acting President. Dr. Damages explains to white people why that it’s not a signal for them to rush back to Africa. As Burkina Faso protesters kick the behind of President Blaise Compaore, Dr. Damages predicts how it’s going to end for the man who betrayed Captain Sankara.

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