Dr. Damages Show Episode 156: Nigeria @ 54: Fake Independence, Fake Miracles Dr. Damages Show Episode 156: Nigeria @ 54: Fake Independence, Fake Miracles

Last week, Nigeria celebrated 54 years as an independent nation. In a very inspiring speech, President Jonathan told Nigerians why their country could not be transformed overnight. If six years as president is just “an overnight”, Dr. Damages ponders what it will really take to transform Nigeria? The good doctor compares Nigeria of 1960 to Nigeria of today. He visits India, Brazil, Singapore, Malaysia etc., countries that started the journey with Nigeria some 54 years ago and spotlights where those countries are now relative to Nigeria.

The Minister of Finance, Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, denies any knowledge of the $9.3 million used in the botched arms deal with South Africa. Dr. Damages explains what Ngoo Baby has been doing while millions of dollars are being loaded onto planes right under her nose.

As Lagos state government begins to investigate Prophet T.B. Joshua, the man of God screams that his miracles are real. Dr. Damages tells the Lagos State government where to look if they want to find the scripts of Prophet T.B. Joshua’s miracle performances.

Using his extensive contacts within President Jonathan’s government, Dr. Damages reveals the mystery behind the small lie told by President Jonathan in his speech before the United Nation’s General Assembly.

As Patrick Sawyer’s kinsman brings Ebola to America., Obama calls Pres. Jonathan for advice. Dr. Damages was there at the White House to bring you a quote their conversation.

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