Dr. Damages Show Episode 154: Bad Pastors, Bad Precedence: Our Pastors Have Gone Mad Dr. Damages Show Episode 154: Bad Pastors, Bad Precedence: Our Pastors Have Gone Mad

Two Nigerians and an Israeli enter Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor’s private jet loaded with $9.3 million dollars in cash and head to South Africa to purchase weapons. What happened next could have come out of a scene of Tony Montana’s visit to Colombia in Scarface movie. As Nigerian government scrabbles for an explanation, Dr. Damages punches holes in their answers. The good doctor goes behind the news to bring you the often forgotten stories of the tragic character, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor.

In what Prophet T.B. Joshua would like to call Nigeria’s 9/11, Dr. Damages deconstructs the minute by minute frame of how a divine engineering marvel of a hostel, owned by the Synagogue of all Nations, collapsed. Dr. Damages blows up the ‘strange aircraft theory’ and zeroes in on a ‘strange empty head theory.’ The respectable doctor diagnoses Prophet T.B. Joshua’s reactions since the incident and raises alarm that the man of God’s medulla oblongata may be collapsing as a result of the building collapse.

Still on tragic characters, the cabal propping brain-injured Gov. Suntai of Taraba state brought him home from another medical mission abroad. Dr. Damages asks a question nobody has been asking: why are these people abusing a disabled man?

When an American football player, Ray Rice, knocked down his fiancé in an elevator and dragged her unconscious body off, little did he know that the video of that encounter will cause a storm even though he has since married the woman. Dr. Damages x-rays the incident and finds the metaphor buried in it in President Barack Obama’s approach to ISIS and the new Miss America’s pledge to advocate against domestic violence. He agonizes that despite the example Jay Z and himself have shown in their encounters with women in the elevator, some American men are still finding it difficult to behave.

For Africans confused about what 3000 Americans soldiers are coming to do in West Africa in the name of fighting Ebola, Dr. Damages brings them up to speed on things soldiers in other parts of the world do beside shooting guns and caning civilians.

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