Dr. Damages Show - Episode 150 (Introducing The Scientist Who Arrested Ebola) Dr. Damages Show - Episode 150 (Introducing The Scientist Who Arrested Ebola)

It has always been true that those who have direct line to God periodically get a memo from him. Pope Francis got one recently. The Pope said this week that he has 2-3 years left before he returns to his maker. Dr. Damages wonders if the likes of Bishop David Oyedepo, Prophet T. B. Joshua, and Guru Maharaji get similar memo from God. Then, as he alone can do, the good doctor reveals why they may not be telling us everything God is telling them.

Meanwhile, a Nollywood actress goes to Aso Rock to screen her movie privately for Pres. Jonathan. First, two pieces moved during a handshake and one thing led to another… the next thing we know, she came out of Abuja with the same small purse she went with. Dr. Damages explains the mystery.

In “Secrets of Pictures”, Dr. Damages answers the age long question: what happens if rain beats a general? Does that mean that Boko Haram has won?

In Ebola news, one of the men charged with advising Pres. Jonathan on Ebola, Prof. Maurice Iwu, opens up about how he haunted and arrested Ebola virus. Dr. Damages presents our own misunderstood genius, Prof. Maurice Iwu, in his own words.

As a public service, Dr. Damages outlines how black men in America can avoid the fate that befell Michael Brown killed by white police officers in Ferguson, Missouri.

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