It sounds ridiculous that African delegations to the US-Africa Summit would undergo a test for Ebola. Dr. Damages thought as much that he chided Dr. Reuben Abati for stooping so low to respond to such rumor. But guess what? It wasn’t that ridiculous, after all. They were tested. The Nigerian delegation was just lucky to escape the test thanks to CNN. Dr. Damages explains how it all went down in this special episode. 

Dr. Damages Episode 148 (Ebola: Prophet T.B. Joshua To The Rescue) Dr. Damages Episode 148 (Ebola: Prophet T.B. Joshua To The Rescue)

Dr. Damages also goes behind the scenes of the African leaders photoshoot at the White House, to bring you conversations the Obamas did not want you to hear.

In a move to control the spread of Ebola, the Lagos state government went to Prophet T. B. Joshua to appeal to him not to receive victims of Ebola from Liberia, Ghana, and other African countries at his church. His acceptance outraged Dr. Damages so much that he sent special appeal to Prophet T. B. Joshua to do something for the poor souls suffering and dying from Ebola. The man of God responds to Dr. Damages’ appeal in a way that restores his status as one of a kind compassionate prophet who won’t leave his tithe-paying flock in their time of greatest need.

In a shocking move, Dr. Damages drops Cossy Orjiakor for Maheeda. He is so mesmerized that he erupts into songs for Maheeda.

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