A body of an Ebola virus victim in guinea In an article published on its website, Liberian newspaper The New Dawn reports that CCTV footage from the James Spriggs Payne airport in the capital Monrovia, shows that Sawyer was visibly ill before his flight.

The footage reportedly showed Sawyer avoiding bodily contact with other travelers and airport officials. That he might have known the extent of his sickness was implied by the statement that, "his face bore a sad countenance like someone who was troubled." Additionally, the article said the video shows Sawyer, "lying flat on his stomach on the floor in the corridor of the airport a sign of someone in excruciating pain." The Liberian national passed away on Thursday July 24, four days after his arrival in Nigeria.

Across the web, people have expressed anger that the Liberian did not take adequate measures in consideration of others' health, especially as his sister had succumbed to the disease. This highlights the impact of personal responsibility in handling the disease. However, the incident also reveals the bigger issue at hand which health officials need to contend with in controlling the disease: the screening and monitoring of individuals. Had Liberia's airport officials been ordered to screen outgoing travelers in order to protect other countries on the continent, they could have prevented Ebola's spread to Nigeria.

In recognition of the need to control Ebola's spread, President Goodluck Jonathan today has ordered additional protective equipment for health and border officials. Read more on that story here:

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