The Ebola virus finally lands in Nigeria after weeks of circling the country's West African neighbors. You would have thought that Nigeria would be ready, but no. Dr. Damages tells you the emergency measures (wink, wink, no hand shakes, no kisses) Nigeria is putting in place to contain the virus. With Ebola virus and Boko Haram virus, Nigeria is finally going to fight two wars at the same time. Dr. Damages maps out how the country can accomplish that with the president it has.

Dr. Damages Show - Episode 147 (Ebola Has Landed) Dr. Damages Show - Episode 147 (Ebola Has Landed)

Last week, parents of kidnapped Chibok girls and some of the girls who escaped Boko Haram captivity visited Pres. Jonathan. On the show last week, Dr. Damages expressed concern that the parents were not allowed to talk to the media after the visit. Now we know why – money was shared. Dr. Damages presents the case against the presidency for allegedly giving N100 million to the Chibok parents. With videos and audio recordings, he interprets the body language of the actors in the charges and the denials.

In our only in America story, an Alabama man sues his doctors for amputating his penis when he went in for circumcision. Dr. Damages goes behind the scene to find answers for you.

Little Prince George, the future King of England already loves women. Dr. Damages caught the one year old in his naughtiest behavior.

As the world burns, U.S. president, Barack Obama fiddles. Dr. Damages explains why.

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