Dr. Damages Show -- Episode 144 (Jonathan Explains "Excesses Of Boko Haram") Dr. Damages Show -- Episode 144 (Jonathan Explains "Excesses Of Boko Haram")...

Once again, President Jonathan talked about the excesses of Boko Haram sect. An expression we all agreed, long time ago, that he should never use. Now, Dr. Damages wants the President to explain. You think President Jonathan is having a tough time? Think again. Will Jonathan trade places with President Obama called gay by a respected comedian and offered weed by a regular American, all in just one week? As the World Cup final approaches, Dr. Damages does not just predict the winner, he goes into the history books to explain why the Germans will do it. Yes, it has something to do with Hitler. So FIFA suspended Nigeria after Germany whooped Brazil 7-1. Dr. Damages tells you the reason and the rules FIFA changed as a result of that embarrassing game. The fattest woman in the world shames you each and every day. Dr. Damages clarifies. You must have heard that if you can make it in New York City, you can make it anywhere. Dr. Damages tries to use that to explain the real reason why a New Yorker is suing the TV station that showed him sleeping during a ballgame. He ends up murdering Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" until Tomato Jos comes to his rescue.

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