I am writing to draw the attention of the general public, gender and human rights activists to an employment policy at the University of Ibadan which discriminates against women.

Today, at Nigeria’s premier university, it is a matter of policy that women who are pregnant are not contracted or employed by the establishment. In other words, pregnancy is an impediment or a ground for denying or deferring the contract or employment of any woman by the university.

 That means if a woman is pregnant and qualified for a job at the University of Ibadan, she waits till she delivers before her job is confirmed or she forgets about it. This policy is sexist and discriminatory. It is a policy informed by male chauvinism and patriarchy and has no place in the employment policies and standards in this 21st century.

 At a time when institutions around the world are striving to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women in all areas of human endeavour, and become gender friendly and sensitive, the University of Ibadan is still stuck in the past and operates this sexist employment policy.

I therefore call upon the authorities at the University of Ibadan to abolish this discriminatory practice immediately

Leo Igwe

Ibadan, Oyo State


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