Fellow Nigerians: On behalf of my husband, His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan, I want to thank you all for answering my call to please pless ya hands on the umblera everywhere and every time. My fellow widows and fellow shidrens, this has been a long journey.

From the market stalls of Abakaliki to the farmsteads of Zungeru, you listened to my voice and voted massively for my husband irrespective of your nationality. We are truly grateful. God is on the throne and it is well.

 Now that we have finish election, I congratulate Professor Attahiru Jega and all the members of INEC for their success. The enemies tried but Nigeria has finally done it. Even all the international people who came to watch the election to make sure we do it properly, I am sure that when they report back to all the people that send them here to come and watch the election, they will say that Nigeria has carry third position in the business of democracy in Africa after South Africa and Ghana. This is a big ashivment my fellow Nigerians because it is not easy to carry third in democracy in the whole of Africa. Irrespective of my nationality, I am proud of Nigeria and Nigerians. If we continue like this, we will carry forst in 2015 by the special grace of God.

As I have told you before, my husband and Sambo is a good people and they will always deliver the dividends of this new democracy that you have awarded them. To all the faithful PDP members who voted umblera irrespective of your political affiliation, I say continue to have faith in our great party. To members of other political parties who did not vote for us irrespective of your political affiliation, we shall try to earn your trust and my husband will try to be the President of all of you. To the millions of youths who answered our call to come under the umblera, God will reward you by making you leaders of tomorrow. And if you have not already done so, please go to Facebook and like your President so as to move Nigeria forward with him. I am pleased to inform you that we are going to do raffle draw on Facebook for young friends of the president. The youth that carry forst will get to stand behind Chief Tony Anenih, Chief Bode George, and Baba Obasanjo on the presidential podium during inauguration ceremony on May 29, 2011.

To all my fellow Senators and Reps who also won election, remember that you were all once a shidren like the President so don’t go to the National Assembly and be making life difficult for him again. We need your cooperation to move Nigeria forward. Sometimes, the National Assembly will always be sitting on the budget for a long time and the president will not be able to do dehvehlopement projects. They will then carry rumour and talk opata that he spent excess crude money if he tries to look for another money to spend for dehvehlopement projects. I appeal to you to cooperate with him in the coming dispensation.

I also appeal to my fellow brothers and sisters who have just been elected Governors or declared Governors by tribunal especially in the rascality states of the southwest. Even if you are not umblera Governor, it will be good for you to cooperate with Ebele in the Governor’s foroom so as to move Nigeria forward. Do not do like Bukola Saraki who turn himself to president one time like this just because he was chairman of Governor’s foroom. As for our eminent stakeholders like Dimeji Bankole, Bode George, Iyiola Omisore, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, Gbenga Daniel, Bayo Alao Akala, Iyabo Obasanjo and so on and so forth who lost out to the rascals in that part of Nigeria, let me assure you, my brothers and sisters, that Ebele will try to find something for them, maybe Ambassador or Minister or board chairman, so that they can carry their experience back inside government and uphold our beloved Baba Obasanjo’s legacy as the founder of modern Nigeria.

I want to seize this opportunity to appeal to all the people that are fighting and killing in the north to accept the results of this election and let us build Nigeria together. They should remember that the life of every Nigerian is precious and we should not be killing ourselves to become widows. The killers should remember that it was a woman who born them. They were once a shidren and now adult now they are killing women and children and making some children a widow all over the north. I appeal to them to stop the violent. 

Finally my fellow Nigerians, I wish to remember you all that we need to start working for 2015 as from today now that you have given my husband his first term so that he can carry second term in 2015. We all know that only one term will not be enough for all the big big dehvehlopement projects that he wants to do for great country.

Pless ya hands for progress!
Pless ya hands for unity!
Pless ya hands for the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Yours Sincerely,
Her Excellency Dr. Dame Patience Jonathan, JP, NTA, CSSP, NGO
First Lady, The Federal Republic of Nigeria


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