On Saturday April 2, 2011 at 130 PM Nigerian time, a member of the House of Representative, Honorable Emmanuel N. Deeyah was kidnapped from his hometown in Khana area of Rivers State by unknown gang said to be wearing the NYSC uniform. In the process, a youth of the community was shot dead and several others wounded including one engineer Friday Afii Deeyah.

Hon. Emmanuel N. Deeyah’s whereabouts is still unknown. He was once a member of Rivers State House of Assembly and a deputy speaker. He served as commissioner in several ministries before he won election to National Assembly and had served two terms. He was going to seek his third term but was stopped by Governor Amaechi machineries that are sweeping out opponents all across the state in a dramatic fashion.

In the case of the latest incident and one of the casualties who saw his own death right in his community should send a resounding message to every decent people of goodwill that this political season is taking a new turn that’s no longer restricted to politicians and their cohorts; but many already suffering masses are now bearing the brunt of political brutality. When will this suffering end for the masses of Nigeria?

 Late Marshal Ibarbira who was not a politician was shot death, with his wife and children left behindto mourn his death. This is as painful as having any innocent person killed in any part of Nigeria. We’re saying that the problem and conundrum is basically beyond Nigeria’s strength to bear.
 It’s therefore left to international bodies, particularly UN and its policing agencies not to seat by and allow the continued killings of innocent people as an eventful movie to watch. This is another crime for the world not acting to protect lives of innocent Nigerians who are being slaughtered all across the country in the name of politics, religion or whatever guise. Marshal’s assassination is another example of political zap taking place in broad daylight in Nigeria, and it’s time the world acts on behalf of innocent people of Nigeria.

Marshal was not a politician, but he was killed and recorded as another casualty of an election related brigandage.  Marshal, may your soul rest in peace, Amen!

Livinus E. Inordee.

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