President Jonathan Goodluck is on the ball – he dribbles Atiku once, and with Otueke determination, he shots the ball and it’s a goal! Although, John Fashanu, Atiku’s goalkeeper could’ve caught the ball with baby-ease, he looks the other way instead and the ball is in. 1-0 for Jonathan!

Atiku’s goalkeeper John Fashanu was compromised by a certain Nigerian named Mr. Fix-it, who’s an international match fixer affiliated to the Asian football Mafia ring of riggers. A brand new goalkeeper called Jega was contracted to man Jonathan Goodluck’s goalpost with Iwu zeal. Jega is a keeper who had lately balled for the president’s team most recent Nigerians would say with near assurance. The outcome of that enterprise for President Jonathans’ team was Ogboru-nisation of Delta State with landslide win to their favour. So Nigerians now wonder how long Jega would be goalkeeping for the president’s team before he’s bought over by another team manager.

One could’ve left the PDP roost in its usual self-destructive manipulations. But how’d you not protest and agitate when PDP tries to make runaway success out of criminal wrongdoing called presidential choosing. Chief Solomon Lar, General Danjuma and other PDP co-persons continue to congratulate Jonathan over a higher purchase dollarized victory that’d not pass or stand the test of time or judicial contestation. Atiku should go to court – that’s where the hammerhead lays. 

PDP residents who’re dressing up a bad win as a good sport should repent their age long hypocrisy. Therefore, taking a cue from erstwhile USA female runner Mary Jones who reporter herself to Establishment after being pricked by her conscience. Mrs Jones had doped her life away cutting corners and winning every competition landslide at the expense of other contestants as Jonathan had done bribing and boxing his way via their primary.

In baseball, there’s this wisecrack thus: “if you are not cheating, you’re not winning.” This is also applicable in most sports and plenty professions where competition is commonplace. You can’t stop people from cheating but when they’re caught red handed, punishment should be meted out as jail terms and fine or both while their loots seized.”

“Fell below standard” was how Atiku described the primary that put Jonathan on top of PDP. The tag, fell bellow standard - is even the gentlest word anyone could use to clarify what went wrong with PDP inner politicking. People have started believing that Jonathan has compromised Atiku with! You can guess it yourself. In the absence of that, Atiku could’ve been more masculine and readying to challenge the charade in court. But money talks in PDP and every one just cue on the line zombie-like with no legacy or decent private mindset to call their own.

Freeness and fairness that made true democracy famous thus to choose candidate without intimidation or hush bribe monies – has made PDP’s brand democracy and presidential primary a loser. Should the aggrieved who were outsmarted and outrigged from the PDP primaries go to court brandishing corrupt practices as bribing candidates and outright intimidation which are grave offences - before the Nigerian court, those involved would be stripped their wins as it happened to Mary Jones, Nigerian goalkeeper John Fashenu and plenty corrupt professionals who fell by the wayside cheating via systems and institutions.

I liken the last PDP presidential primary as football because both have been distorted by raw money and corruption. It isn’t uncommon these days to see superior teams as Barcelona, Man UTD and Chelsea of course  loose to underdog teams due to fixing and rigging of matches that are plenty commonplace nowadays.

If you’ve the enduring capacity to rig anything under the sun as PDP – you could organise a football match between first-teamer Chelsea versus eleven mentally challenged persons from Benin psychiatric hospital and watch out to your surprise how they’d defeat Chelsea landslide. Football, as all PDP involvements have been surpassed by corruption and deep-rooted rottenness which left a bitter taste in the mouth of everyone watching Nigerian politics and those affected therefrom.

Aside from PDP’s presidential primary, other ways one could make easy money nowadays is to visit the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi.  A teenage dancer entangled in sex scandal with Berlusconi opined that he gave her seven thousand Euros on her visit to him. And it was reported too, that Jonathan gave seven-some thousands of dollar per voters in the presidential primary auction. There is now some oddness with the figure ‘seven’ any time dirty politicians come to play.

The fact that corrupt monies were offered to clinch the PDP presidential primary calls for its cancellation forthwith Jonathan being denied the win and if possible, sent to jail as Mary Jones or former Israeli president facing rape charges. Financial corruption is a crime in Nigeria. This shouldn’t be handled as the OBJ third term elongation scam where mad monies openly exchanged hands and none has been put in harm’s way to clear the system from riffraff.

And finally, intimidating PDP governors with EFCC into playing hard ball for president Jonathan’s landslide win was the height of power abuse. An investigation should be set in motion to ascertain the length of damages done to our institutions, psyche and international standing.


Sunday Njokede writes form The European Union

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